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Injury and illnesses don't have office hours so why should we?

Lansing Urgent Care's purpose is to provide our community with a high quality, cost-effective solution to their minor injury and illness needs. ER's are a VERY expensive option when your healthcare need isn't a true emergency. We realized our community deserved a more affordable option, day or night, so in January 2016 our "Frandor" clinic became the only 24/7 Urgent Care in the Greater Lansing area.

By offering this option to patients we're able to provide the Lansing community with a choice of medical care in the middle of the night where you experience drastically quicker visits as compared to the ER, lower out of pocket expenses and no facility fees.  At the ER your wait can be 3-4 hours, at Lansing Urgent Care you are typically in and out within an hour! 

So when the flu strikes in the middle of the night, you cut yourself preparing that midnight snack or your child wakes up with a fever,  Lansing Urgent Care is here for you 24 hours per day 7 days per week.