Lansing Urgent Care On-Site Meds
Lansing Urgent Care On-Site Meds

Medication Available On-Site

Our patients deserve the very best in care and convenience.  We offer on-site medications available for purchase. With our on-site medications, you can:

Save Time
Skip The Pharmacy

Save Money
Most medications cost less than the average copay

Help Others
A portion of medication sales are donated to charity

During your visit our staff can help answer any question you may have about our on-site medication program. Our clinic sites are not stocked with narcotics or controlled substances in any form.  This service is offered to our patients in line with our company’s mission to provide patient’s the very best in care and convenience.

See What Our Patients Are Saying About This Program!

“I did not have to wait long at all before seeing the provider. When she came in, she was compassionate and thorough. She even explained that I could pay for my medication & take it home with me rather than having to stop at the pharmacy. I've always had great experiences at this location.”

“This is one of the best experiences that I have had at an urgent care, which I was really not expecting from a 24 hour facility, I expected grumpy staff (definitely not the case!). To top it off, I was able to have my prescription filled right there for less than I could have anywhere else! I am very impressed.”